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German drinks, like those throughout the world, play an important part in the local and regional culture. Beyond the everyday beverages like the famous German beers and wines, there are a large collection of special drinks that have become almost essential parts of various German holiday celebrations and seasonal festivities.

Of course, the Christmas season is when many of these popular seasonal beverages find there way into the public at the widespread Christmas markets and winter festivals. The cold winter climate lends itself perfectly to a number of delicious warm drinks that help to keep hands warm and spirits high as people stroll among stalls on chilly winter evenings.

Gluhwein (German Mulled Wine)

This Gluhwein recipe results in a delicious hot spiced wine drink that is a wonderful way to add to the German spirit of any holiday party or other winter gathering.

Punsch (Hot Rum Punch)

This Punsch Recipe takes me right back to the chilly December nights I have spent sipping hot rum punch while roaming the charming Christmas markets that can be found during the holiday season in most German and Austrian cities. There is nothing like the combination of a hot drink and alcohol to keep off the chill while you listen to a choir sing German Christmas favorites.

Eierlikor (Potent German Eggnog)

Don't let this Eierlikor recipe fool you. German Eierlikor shares only the faintest of similarities with store bought American eggnog. Firstly, this is not a drink for children!! Eggnog in the US is a sweet and creamy holiday treat that can be found in the dairy aisle of nearly every grocery store between mid November and early January. Store-bought German Eierlikor is found in the liquor aisle, as it is a potent alcoholic beverage. Please do not get the two of them confused around the kids. :)

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