Potato Side Dishes

Bratkartoffeln Kartoffelpuree Salzkartoffeln

Be sure to remember these potato side dishes when planning out your next German meal. Although we all tend to focus much of our effort on planning and preparing the main dish, it is often the combination of delicious side dishes on any plate that truly makes for an unforgettable meal. This collection of potato sides should help you to round out your meal nicely.

With the way that the potato has worked its way to prominence on so many traditional European menus, it is easy to forget that the potato did not exist as a dining option in Europe until the discovery on the Americas. Today it is hard to imagine a German menu without a variety of delicious potato dishes.

Bratkartoffeln (Roasted Potatoes)

This Bratkartoffeln recipe for German roasted potatoes is one of the recipes I prepare most often as it is relatively easy to prepare, tastes wonderful, and goes well as a side dish for so many of my favorite German entrees.

Salzkartoffeln (Boiled Potatoes)

This Salzkartoffeln recipe for boiled potatoes makes one of the staple side dishes on any German menu or in any German kitchen. With only two ingredients and limited prep time, it is also one of the simplest to prepare.

Kartoffelpuree (Mashed Potatoes)

This Kartoffelpüree recipe for mashed potatoes is honestly not much different from the recipes for mashed potatoes you are likely to find all over the world. Still, Kartoffelpüree appears on almost every German menu and is a very common side served in many German-speaking homes, so it would be odd not to include it. Also, mashing up some potatoes takes no real skill, but creating truly delicious Kartoffelpüree takes some practice, or a well-tested recipe, such as this one.

Reibekuchen (Hash Browns)

This Reibekuchen recipe is the one I uncovered that most reminds me of the crispy and chewy treats that can be found at festivals throughout Germany and Austria, especially winter festivals and Christmas Markets. Although often eat as a stand-alone snack, they also make for a nice addition to your selection of potato side dishes.

Kartoffelpuffer (German Potato Pancakes)

Indeed this Kartoffelpuffer recipe will seem to have an awful lot in common with the Reibekuchen recipe. There is a clear reason for this: throughout Germany and Austria, the terms Kartoffelpuffer and Reibekuchen tend to be used interchangeably to describe the same product. My hope in providing both recipes on my page was to allow those of you searching for one by name to be able to find what you are looking for.

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