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Tomato SaladBeet SaladCucumber Salad

As with those for potato salad, other German salad recipes can vary greatly from region to region. Although many of these recipes have a vinegar and oil base, the addition of a few tablespoons of sour cream to any of them can provide an quick but significant change. Give them a try both ways.

Keep in mind that the term “salad” has a somewhat different meaning in most European countries. Germany and Austria are no exception. Unlike the lettuce-laden salads that are so often served as a starter course in the US, German salads are almost always served with the entrée, and serve more as garden-fresh side dishes. If you don’t typically serve cold salads along with your meal, try it. The crisp coolness of a bite of fresh salad can serve as an excellent contrast in texture and temperature between bites of your hot dishes.

Cucumber Salad (Gurkensalat)

This simple cucumber salad recipe can be ready in minutes and is a great alternative to a boring lettuce salad. One of the simplest and tastiest cucumber recipes I have found, it makes a great last minute addition to a barbecue or sit-down meal. For a punch of crunch and color, slice up some yellow and red peppers at garnish.

Beet Salad (Rote Beete Salat)

The light tartness of the vinegar in this Beet salad recipe gives it a wonderful sweet-and-sour quality. As with other beet dishes, it also adds great color to liven up any meal plate. Beets are known regionally as Rote Beete, Rote Rüben, or Rohnen. Regardless of what they are called, beets are a delicious and nutritious option for salads, soups, and side dishes.

Tomato Salad (Tomatensalat)

This simple and refreshing tomato salad recipe is typical of the uncomplicated salads that accompany most meals in Germany and Austria. Often this salad will be served alongside one or two other simple salads to give diners a variety of taste options. Try serving this tomato salad with the cucumber salad recipe available on this site. The combination of colors and flavors makes for a very inviting salad bowl.

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