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Why so many delicious German soup recipes? In the US, it seems like soup is often an afterthought when it comes to meal planning. In Germany, easy to make soup recipes are an important part of every recipe collection, and soup plays a prominent role at nearly every table.

Whether you prefer a soup that is light and flavorful or think and hearty, there is undoubtedly a traditional German soup that will satisfy your palate. The recipes I have included here represent a cross section of the varied and plentiful soups you are bound to encounter when traveling through Germany or visiting your German friends and relatives around the world.

Potato Soup (Kartoffelsuppe)

This traditional recipe for potato soup is not only easy to prepare, but it is also the one I found that most reminds me of the soup my Oma used to serve for lunch on some of those cold winter days.

Mushroom Soup (Pilzsuppe)

This broth-based mushroom soup is every bit as flavorful as any of its creamy counterparts, and much easier on the waistline. Although the recipe calls for brown mushrooms or baby bellas, try substituting your favorite mushroom variety. I am sure it will be just as delicious.

Asparagus Soup (Spargelsuppe)

When Germans cook with asparagus, it is often the thick and tender stalks of white asparagus, which are specially grown to be less bitter than the typical green asparagus we encounter in the US. This simple soup allows the white asparagus to show its full flavor.

Lentil Soup (Linsensuppe)

The high protein content of lentils has made them a staple in the diet of many vegetarians and vegans, but everyone can appreciate their rich flavor and ease of preparation. This soup is a delicious start to any meal.

Pumpkin Soup (K├╝rbissuppe)

Like in many cultures, there are some foods that are used much differently in German cooking than they typically are in the US. Pumpkin is one of those foods. Although you would be hard pressed to find a pumpkin pie while traveling around Germany, a delicious pumpkin soup like this one will be on many Gasthaus menus.

Cabbage Soup (Krautsuppe)

Cabbage (Kraut) is recognized by most people as a typical element of German cooking. Although sauerkraut is likely the most familiar use of cabbage, it is widely used in most German kitchens. This delicious soup is another example of German cabbage cuisine.

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