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Every self-respecting German kitchen has collection of favorite strudel recipes. In fact, apple strudel may be the most widespread of all German sweets. These recipes are some of my very favorite. In fact, Nußstrudel is the food that I most closely associate with my Oma, the person who is really the most responsible for this site, even if she didn’t live to see it.

With so many mass-produced “strudels” consisting of just a pastry tube shoved full of filling, many people don’t even realize that a true strudel must be rolled. Whether using the ultra thin Blätterteig or a yeast-based bread dough, the roll makes it a strudel.

Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel)

This traditional apple strudel includes a hand-pulled Blätterteig that is much easier than you might imagine. There is nothing more inviting after a nice German meal than a slice of warm Apfelstudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Walnut Strudel (Nußstrudel)

This is the recipe that started this whole site idea for me. Every Christmas, my Oma would send Nußstrudel along with the gifts, and every slice was treasured. The bread-like dough, swirled with the walnut and rum filling makes this strudel irresistible.

Poppy Seed Strudel (Mohnstrudel)

This poppy seed strudel showcases the distinctive taste of poppy seed that is so popular in European sweets. Unlike many options, this one does not skimp on the poppy seed. This is not like wimpy poppy seed muffins or bagels that really use the fragrant seed only for some added color or texture. This strudel really lets you taste the poppy seeds.

Pear Strudel w/ Cranberries (Birnenstrudel)

When you feel like a bit of a drift from the traditional, this pear strudel recipe offers all of the warm comfort of apple strudel with a bit of a more modern and tangy flavor. The addition of the dried cranberries adds a nice spark of color that makes this Birnenstrudel a perfect holiday dessert.

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