Schnitzel Recipes

WienerschnitzelJaeger SchnitzelPariser Schnitzel

This collection of Schnitzel recipes will help you create a variety of what must be the most widely known and recognizable of all German meat dishes.

Although the term Schnitzel has become part of the English vernacular, it actually translates as the simple term cutlet. The simplicity and flexibility of the cutlet makes it a staple on German tables, both at home and in restaurants.

Wiener Schnitzel (Breaded Veal Cutlet)

This is what most Americans think of when they hear the word Schnitzel. The flour, egg, breadcrumb combination makes for a crisp and delicious crust on the meat. Although it is traditionally made with veal, cost and flavor has many cooks substituting veal with pork. Try both meats and see which one you prefer.

Jägerschnitzel (Cutlet with Mushroom Cream Sauce)

This “Hunter Schnitzel” is all about the delicious mushroom cream sauce. The cutlet itself varies depending on where you order it. Sometimes it will be a Wiener Schnitzel with sauce, and sometimes it will be an natural cutlet (no breading). This recipe uses floured cutlets, but feel free to substitute the Wiener Schnitzel recipe, if you prefer a breaded cutlet.

Pariser Schnitzel (Cutlet with Flour and Egg)

This Schnitzel, with its flour and egg-wash crust, would have us believe that the Parisians are not as fond of breadcrumbs as the Viennese. Whether that is true or not, the Pariser Schnitzel provides another cooking option for any meat cutlet you prefer to serve.

Holsteiner Schnitzel (Cutlet with Fried Egg)

There is nothing quite like the Holsteiner Schnitzel. A recipe like this variation with fried egg, sardines and capers is a far cry from the neutral flavor of most popular Schnitzels. Of course, if you are not a fan of sardines, you can always skip them. Still, the complete combination is worth trying.

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