German Savory Dumpling Recipes


These savory dumpling recipes are some of the very best known and well liked of the many wonderful side dishes (Beilage) available in German cuisine. Although they certainly match well with traditional German dishes such as Jaegerschnitzel, I also like to use them with other varieties if food as well. Try substituting Spaetzle for pasta with your favorite sauce, or serve Semmelknoedel or Serviettenknoedel with Beef Stroganoff or Pot Roast.

Spaetzle (Small Flour and Egg Dumplings)

This German Spaetzle recipe is for just one of the many wonderful dumpling varieties that German cooks have to choose from when planning a meal. These small, lightly savory dumplings are best served with entrees that are covered in sauce, as the relatively plain Spaetzle will readily take on the sauce flavor. .

Semmelknoedel (German Bread Dumplings)

This German Semmelknoedel recipe was originally developed as a way to efficiently use slightly stale bread and rolls (Semmel) for additional meals, but they are so popular now that many German cooks deliberately set new rolls aside to dry out for use in these delicious bread dumplings.

Serviettenknoedel (Sliced and Fried Bread Dumplings)

This German Serviettenknoedel recipe is a variation of bread dumpling that takes its name from the cloth napkin traditionally used to wrap it for cooking. The sliceable loaf form of Serviettenknoedel make them great for varied portion sizes, and the slices are great fried for an extra touch of flavor.

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