by Sarah
(Pennsylvania, USA)

I made these cookies today and they turned out well! I made them gluten-free by using King Arthur's Gluten free flour blend substituted in for the regular flour. I mixed up the dough but noticed that it was crumbly and hard to form into balls due to the gluten free flour substitution, so I added another egg. This is common when converting a recipe to gluten free. And the dough was much easier to form into balls. I baked them and dipped them into the powdered sugar and lemon juice mixture. The only other thing I added to the dough before baking it was a teaspoon of lebkuchen spice. I had looked at other recipes and thought it might be nice to have some of those spices too. The lebkuchen spice is a mixture of spices: ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, anise, cloves, nutmeg, etc. They are very good. We love them. They are probably a softer cookie than the original, but when you eat gluten free, you have to make due.

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